~~~Me, the natural curly-ginger, watching tutorials of other people doing Merida makeup~~~

Them: And then we put a good, thick layer of the palest foundation we can find…”


Them: And then we draw freckles…”


Them: Oh, and you can use red mascara if you DARE…


Them: And then you have to use a wig, you know, because her hair is just crazy…


*time warp of about two hours’ worth of work*

Them: Tada! Natural ginger look!”


curly hair natural ginger Merida ginger problems curly girl cosplay makeup MERIDA DOESN'T WEAR MAKEUP IT IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS ABOUT HER

New Acquaintance: Wow you're a writer that's so glamourous.

Me, out loud: Thanks.

Me, mentally: Oh, no it's not I sit in my house, alone, for hours on end angesting about what they called socks in the twelfth century or the distance and force necessary for getting an axe lodged in a scull, and then once the flipping book is published I sit in my house, alone, researching how to contact prospective people to help me in the endless battle of promotion.

Me, mentally: If only they knew.

writer writers are weird author angst novel book writing